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Viakix Shoe Donation: Outdoor Womens Sandals for a Cause

By Michael Bryant

May 15, 2021

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Viakix is company that uses it's women's sandals sales to donate shoes and clothing to those in need. Not only that but Viakix is part of the One Tree Planted organization that will plant a tree for every sale. They are hoping to plant 10,000 trees this year alone.

Some brand new kix, a donation and a tree in one fell swoop. Support their cause and stomp around in some new sandals. Here is a review of their top seller. 

viakix samara sandal
  • Giving Back
    Between 1 tree planted and Soles4Souls these sandals are giving back to less fortunate communities. Purchase with a cause!

Viakix and Soles4Souls Shoe and Clothing Donations

Viakix has teamed up with Soles4Souls to kix back a portion of their sales to donating clothing and shoes to those is need. Their focus is to bring comfort, health benefits and happiness to those in need. There are millions without the ability to properly clothe themselves in their environment and Viakix along with Soles4Souls is working to help those in need. 

Why Viakix Supports Soles4Souls?


Supports World Health

The donation of clothing and shoes not only provides comfort to those in need but has health benefits as well. Lessening the injuries and illnesses caused by a lack of basic human resources.


Job Opportunities

The donations made by Viakix and Soles4Souls creates economic opportunities for people in need. Through education, employment and family support, your money will reach someone who needs it.

Viakix and OneTreePlanted

tree planting


By repurposing the used clothing and shoes as well as planting a tree for every sale. Viakix is actively trying to make a difference in the health of the planet. Not only do trees provide oxygen but they help create and maintain natural habitats. 

earth donations

Help the Planet

Viakix uses sustainable manufacturing and supply chain processes to minimize the environmental impact. It's not only a sandal you are buying but also an investment in the health of our planet and investing in eco-friendly business.

nepali hiking sandal
  • Comfy
    Athletic Sandal with a soft hook and straps to hold your feet nestled in the sandal on any terrain.
  • Customization
    The adjustable straps make this sandal customizable to your foot shape. Making hiking in sandals a hiking shoe.
  • Giving Back
    Between 1 tree planted and Soles4Souls Viakix is giving back to less fortunate communities. Purchase with a cause!

Helping those in need

The donations that Viakix, OneTreePlanted and Soles4Souls is creating an ecosystem that is based on compassion. The efforts companies and organizations like these seek to level the socio-economic playing field by creating jobs and giving donations. Support companies like these to continue a progression toward a more fair and healthy planet.

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