November 3


Skinny Dipping for Health? Or The Hell of It

By Michael Bryant

November 3, 2021

Skinny dipping for health. Huh?

I skinny dipped today! Ahahaha. For real though, no one around in the middle of the day, why not. 

I was working at a picnic table at Dexter Lake, OR and without a swim suit or people. I figured I may as well get naked and jump in. 

How did it feel?... Cold, honestly. But invigorating. So I started doing some research and this is what I found about the health benefits of skinny dipping.

skinny dipping for health

Why do people like skinny dipping?

I'm sure half of people don't like it. However, if they had the opportunity of no one around. They would likely love skinny dipping.


I've researched the internet for "health benefits of skinny dipping." Scientifically, there's mostly just Vitamin D.

Yet, so many people do experience positive progress in mental well-being and self image. 

Getting naked in broad daylight alone or with a partner seems to allow people a chance to realize the unique beauty that only they have. Many folks found an increased body image. How great is that?!

Best Things About Skinny Dipping

I suppose I should throw it out that you shouldn't be naked around people who don't want to see you naked. Okay done. Now to the fun part

  • Why wear a soggy, wet swimsuit to hang out around a body of water alone? No need. 
  • Are you stinky or tired from hiking or backpacking? Get that naked body wet and degrease. You're partner will thank you. 
  • Feel what's underneath of your feet and surrounding your body. This is the best part, feeling like an otter with droplets of water rolling off of your skin.
  • Sun Dry is delightful. Or shake like a dog. It's animal time anyway. 

Health Benefits of Skinny Dipping in Cold Water

Cold water swims or showers have a unique effect on the body. Researchers have found that the responses encountered to cold water shock, mimic flight or fight responses.

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate
  • Release of glucose and fat for energy

Why is this Cold Water Shock Good?

Well yes, it is uncomfortable. But, by getting used to this form of stress and the release of cortisol (the stress hormone). We become accustomed, and it is theorized, that this makes us able to deal with daily life stressors more effectively. 

Interesting right?!

To be honest, I'm a skeptic, so I thought the cold shower movement was silly. Not to mention, just cold. 

As we see, I suppose it does have some merit. 

I'll swim naked to get some benefits... but my showers will still be hot.  

"I'm a man just looking to be free and get back to my roots. Don't dress up to go the the mountain lake. Dress down and dirty"

- Aiden Q

National Skinny Dipping Day 2022

July 9th 2022 in National Skinny Dipping Day

Check with your local community so you don't end up in jail. But go have fun and celebrate every and their individual bodies. 

If you're only curious, just wear clothes and be yourself. Play frisbee with naked people, have a meaningful conversation that has nothing to do with one person being naked. 

Feel how you feel. That is yours. If you want to skinny dip for health or for the hell of it. Be the world's guest. No one should judge you for that!

Michael Bryant

About the author

After a lifetime spent in the outdoors and 10 years in the outdoor sports industry, I figured out what I'm best at. Finding great mentors to show me the ropes. Without the Lifers that taught me all I know, I wouldn't be where I'm at, which is... "pretty solid" at most adventures outside.

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