Lifer Locations: Where We Play 

Where do the undercover crushers and sneaky seekers go?

Here are the locations they WILL share. We all have our classic spots but ASK A LIFER if you want to find out their SECRET spots.

They may indulge you or send you on a wild goose chase, either way, exploration is in the journey after all. 

Some of Our "Secret" Adventure Location

In all honesty, most of the Lifers hope you get lost getting here. Just treat the place and few people you run into with respect and it can be your secret spot as well.

san rafael swell locations

San Rafael Swell

My favorite place in the world. Freedom, beauty and the option to do whatever you want in the desert.

If you are looking for 2000 square miles of canyons, bluffs and gothic rock formations, this is the place. You can drive dirt roads for as long as your gas tank can handle, so be prepared.

Activities include everything from mountain biking, Jeeping to climbing and rafting. All the while, usually all. Shhhhh! My mentors hate me for posting this place.

locations city of rocks

City of Rocks, ID

Literally a city of rocks, what's not to love.

This is the most comfortable camping and climbing location near me. Most routes you can drag a cooler and a chair to climb beautiful granite routes. Be careful what you get on though, the grades can be deceiving.

Campsites are comfortable, water and toilets a plenty. Plus just down the road is a Red Barn General Store with killer pizza!

locations little cottonwood canyon, ut

Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT

I couldn't help but add this well-known canyon. A gem of year round outdoor sports.

Most people will recognize the world class ski resorts of Alta and Snowbird which are only 9 miles from the SLC, UT valley. For good reason, but there are also over 1000 pitches of rock climbing on both granite and limestone.

This is where I cut my teeth in the adventure world and people have been pushing boundaries here since the early 1900s.

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