March 4


Hiking Gadgets: Useful and Unique

By Michael Bryant

March 4, 2021

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Spring is just around the corner and us gear heads are getting excited to see what hiking gadgets are on the market in 2021. Big or small, electronic or rustic, it's always fun to score some new gear or find a gift for your hiking mate. I'm hoping they have a sleeping bag with leg massagers but I haven't found that one yet. 

I remember the first time a buddy pulled out his solar charger to charge his camera on and I felt like I was camping in outer space. That was 10 years ago and the hiking gadgets just keep getting more fun and innovative. Let's take a look at some of the best and strangest of 2021 shall we.

Our Top electronic hiking gadgets



Goal Zero Venture 30 Powerbank

Goal Zero is a leader in hiking gadgets and they will pop up on the list again. This power bank is perfect for the weekend trip and can rapid recharge a phone nearly 4 times. It features 2 USB ports and is WATERPROOF, so take it in the rain, to the beach or throw it in a mud puddle. That's the kind of products this company makes. It also has a mini flashlight just in case nature calls in the middle of the night and you don't like stepping on cacti. At $90 this gadget should last you years, powering your hiking adventures. 



Nomad 20 Foldable Solar Panel

Like the name says, built for the nomad who needs to collect juice while living a life on the road or in the back country. Depending on how much sun you catch, this hiking gadget would be more than enough on a never ending backpacking journey. It comes with USB ports and can easily be hooked to your back back or set up with its' kickstand. Developed by a US-based company with over 50 years of experience .I really love these!



Bio-lite Wood Burning Camp Stove Power Generator

Yes, that is correct. A camp stove that burns wood to generate power to charge your electronics. Kind of mind boggling if you ask me. Primitive meets modern in this hiking gadget. But there is usually some kindling laying around when you're in the woods, so why not turn it into electricity to power up your boom box or phone to snap some photos of nature. Plus, anyone in your camping group will definitely get a kick out of this conversation piece. 

Innovative Hiking Gadgets


LifeStraw Water Filtering Bottle

These are just plain awesome. No more putting drops of chemicals to disinfect your water. Simple suck through the LifeStraw's filtration system and enjoy clean drinking water in the woods. This is literally a life saving hiking gadget. And coming in at under $40 I would call it a bargain. Say goodbye to iodine flavored water when your camping and hello to refreshment. 

hiking gadget lifestraw

Strangely Rad

Don't Die Survival Pocket Tent

I have no idea how a 2 person tent can get that small. But they figured it out, this could be a real lifesaver if you ever had to bust it out. It's ridiculously cheap and can host you and your hubby if you get stuck outside. I almost feel like I should carry one everywhere and call it home. That's some minimalism, nomadic lifestyle. It's just too bad it doesn't charge my laptop and rub my feet.


Waterproof and Windproof Lighter

I've used these on ski lifts before and they are about the only lighter style to stay lit. Waterproof, windproof, what's not to love. I would keep one stashed in the car, in the backpack and camping gadget gear box. When you need a spark you really don't want to be left in the dark. It is a $15 lighter but if you can keep your friends from stealing it, it's a great value. Spark 'em if ya got 'em they say.

CAmp Cooking Gadgets

Coffee coffee coffee!


AeroPress Portable Coffee Maker

Who doesn't love to start their morning camping with a steaming cup of coffee. I know I need a caffeine buzz when I wake up. This portable press makes 1-3 cups of coffee and is super easy to use. Pour in the grounds, hot water and push it right into your favorite coffee mug. Make a cup for your friends and roust them out of bed because there is adventure to be had out there. I have the jitters already and I dig it.



LIONCooler Solar Electric Fridge and Freezer

Now this thing is pretty far out there. I've never used one myself but I think we are looking at the future of coolers here. It's the 1st on the market and has great reviews. Freeze it, cool it and recharge it via the wall, the car or a solar panel. Honestly this seems ridiculous but I really want one. No more food floating in lukewarm cooler water, yuck. Just ice cold ones at all times. Damn I love technology. 

All You'll Need


GSI Destination 24 cooking Kit

GSI is the utensil and flatware king of the outdoors. They make everything under the sun for eating outdoors. While this isn't necessarily a hiking gadget. It is a very useful, compact and comprehensive bundle of everything you need to stuff your face after hiking. It even comes with waterproof salt and pepper shakers! Now that is innovation I can eat. This tiny package holds enough food gear to feed 4! Grub on to keep those legs moving down the trail people. 

Random Hiking Gadgets

Lunatech Aquabot Sprayer


Not your average water bottle. It packs some PSI and is really handy when doing dishes or on a hot summer day as a mister. Plus you can always just drink out of it. I would probably recommend it for water fights though. Pump it up and hose it down!

Waterbottle Sprayer

5 Gallon Solar Shower


While there isn't any electricity involved, if you leave this baby out in the sun for a few hours you'll be able to rinse the grime off that carcass of yours. It's not high tech but useful to say the least. I like to use it for rinsing dishes as well. Simplicity and affordability are key here. 

Thermacell Mosquito Repeller


This mosquito repeller is DEET-Free, Scent-Free, Spray-Free and gives protection for up to 15 feet for 12 hours. No one likes being eaten by bugs or smelling like bug spray. This clever hiking gadget will give you the relief from mosquitos so you can focus on enjoying your time in the woods instead of scratching about it all night. 

2021 is a great year for hiking gadgets and some of these on this list blow my mind. I know what to get for my friends birthdays now. Not to mention for myself. I hope you got something from this post and have a new piece of unique gear to play with this spring. 

If I missed one of your favorite camping gadgets or games here, leave a comment. We'd love to hear from you and continue to grow the Adventure Lifers Community. So grab a friend and your solar panel shower, cooler and robot backpack and hit the road Jack. 

Enjoy the day!

Michael Bryant

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