September 13


Collapsible Camping Sink Reviews: Do Dishes for Tent Wishes ;)

By Michael Bryant

September 13, 2021

Owning a Collapsible Camping Sink

We have reached adulthood as a camper when we own a real camp sink. Buckets or the dirt and rinse method has it's time and place. However, it is not going to make your cute new friend you convinced to join you on a trip, that you're A Lifer.

You are a refined dirtbag now. Maybe a little older or have a few extra bucks in your pocket. So don't be a complete Neanderthal.

Get yourself a nice camping sink, rag, biodegradable soap, and impress the rest with a good meal and fresh dishes for breakfast. This is the tentmate everyone is looking for. 

Our Top Picks Collapsible Camping Sinks

If you like it "quick and clean." Here's a few great options we at Adventure Lifers dig..

Lifer's Choice
camping dish sink

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

This rip-stop nylon collapsible camp sink is a workhorse. It's 20L so plenty of space and it stands up when you fill it with water. Made to clean easy and dry quickly

ust sink

Overall Rating: 4/5

The Flexware 2.0 is a great car camping sink or tote for kindling. It's sturdy design folds flat and the legitimate carrying handles are a huge bonus. Wash camp dishes and carry it back from the river easily.

sink with drain

Overall Rating: 4/5

This camp sink has a drain! I wish more did. What the SOL Flatpack lacks in size it makes up for in features. Not only a camping sink with a drain but sturdy handles as well.

Delicious Camp Meals + Dirty Camp Dishes = Collapsible Camp Sink 


camp cooking

Dirtbag camp cooking with style.

camp cooking

Oh you know this guy forgot a collapsible camp sink. He still camps with all dudes.

Washing Dishes Camping

While this may seem rudimentary, for some others, like me 10 years ago, didn't give it a thought. So I ate off of a lot of dirty/poorly washed plates, bowls, forks, I've even used an old beer box in the dirt for a plate. This is not the way. We can do better. Some of us, A LOT better. 

My now simple process for cleaning camp dishes is a few easy steps.

The tools needed for camp dishwasher

Hopefully, the other person cooked and you're only job is to clean up. It's a fair trade off, depending if you like to trade dirty work for the more time consuming tasks. Or, you just suck at cooking. May as well be honest and gear up with the tools of the trade then. 

Boil the Water

In a pot on the stove or over the fire. Whatever you're heart desires. Barely bubbling at the bottom is usually plenty good for me. 

Dirty Dishes and Scrub

In a pot or over the fire. Whatever you're heart desires. Barely bubbling at the bottom is usually plenty good for me. Let 'em soak in the hot water a biodegradable soap for a while. At least long enough so you don't burn your climbing fingers. You'll want those. 

Rinse the dishes in the camp sink

Rinse those dishes off and tell a joke or two. Hell, maybe ask someone for a beverage of your choice for doing the camp dishes. 

Dry and fly

Just get them spiffed up and put on a collapsible drying rack. Or use a towel if you packed one. If not, the wild air will season your dishes like a well seasoned cast iron pan from your grandmother. If her name is mother nature that is.... 

Simple and Better.

Re-usable Camping Dishes: The Only Way

Don't waste money and resources on disposables. The cup you drink from will be of higher quality and karmically more full.

Why Choose Re-usable Camp Dishes?


While paper and plastic are cheap. Quality and longevity always prevail when it comes to saving money. Think long-term.


Support a company that is as eco-friendly as possible. This can be something like 1% for Nature. Or companies that say, plant a tree.

Don't Haul More Trash

Who like's carrying around garbage if you're not getting paid for it? No one, so reduce with re-usable camp dishware.


The items you buy will last decades. Treat them right and they will be faithful companions. Even the collapsible camp sink might have a funny story one day.

Will having a collapsible camping sink really get me lucky?

"Yeah, so probably not. But being helpful is desirable. Not to mention gender roles have changed to a more equal state in modern times. So get washing dishes boys and girls"

Julia ‧ Empowered Female

Well hopefully this gave you some deeper and cheesier insight into collapsible camp sinks. I am trying to make things interesting and fun to get people adventuring. No matter your skillset or your hobby. Go play, have fun and love. Love you, your people and this beautiful place we get to walk on. 

Stay kind Lifers.

Michael Bryant

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