November 27


Camping Date: How to go Romantic Camping

By Michael Bryant

November 27, 2021

Do you love camping and your partner?

Take them on a camping date.

Is there a better way to connect romantically than complete silence?

Here is your chance to be your unencumbered self. Simple crackles of a camp fire and a wisp of wind can brew full bodied romanticism. 

I've been swept away myself more than once. Not only because I'm a glutton for romanticism. But also, the majesty of fresh mountain air breathes love into our lungs.

My First Camping Date

I hope she reads this with a smile. 

I asked a wonderful single mom to go paddling on a lake in Utah. She said Yes!

First tip: Always bring two sleeping options. Be a gentleman. 

Luckily, she decided to bunk up with me. Even if she thought a backpacking tent was far too small. It was a fantastic weekend.

Surprised she was wiling to adventure with a stranger. But we explored and chatted at nauseum.

camping dates

Benefits of a Camping Date

  • Silence and room to get to know each other
  • No phone service = limited distractions
  • Affordable!
  • Cooking and cleaning together. No waiters here.
  • Cold nights = many distractions 😉

Is Camping a Good First Date?

Honestly, probably not. Maybe a good second date. Try coffee first. 

After that, camping dates are a great way to get to know people. Get rid of cell service and connect with the person. Share and cook meals, drink beverages around a fire. All of these connections are built by a stripped down form of interactions.

A camping first date can be a seed planted in fertile soil. Grow with it. There is only a flourish to witness. 

camping love

How do I Make My Camping Trip Romantic? 

  1. Be Caring and a Good Partner
  2. Cook Good Food
  3. Set a Very Comfy Sleeping Space
  4. Ask Questions and Listen
  5. Double Sleeping Bag
  6. Love Seat camp Chairs

Camp Date Star Gazing

camp star gazing

Well if you are not already staring into each other's eyes. The stars are always a treat when camping. Bigger and brighter than the city. You will have the chance to be an astrologer.

Learn some constellations, find them and make up an astrology report. No different than the newspaper versions. 

Sunsets and Sunrises

Maybe it's just me but a sunset or sunrise in the wilderness in incredible. These are moments that are best shared with a loved one. Whoever that may be. Take the moments of solace and silence to connect with your camping date. 

Well the sun has set here. 

Be well Lifers. 

Michael Bryant

About the author

After a lifetime spent in the outdoors and 10 years in the outdoor sports industry, I figured out what I'm best at. Finding great mentors to show me the ropes. Without the Lifers that taught me all I know, I wouldn't be where I'm at, which is... "pretty solid" at most adventures outside.

Mentors are the best way to access the backcountry. Learn with us.