June 6


Best Way To Store Sleeping Bags

By Michael Bryant

June 6, 2021

Wondering about the best way to store your sleeping bag? Well here you are, the adventure lifers will give you the tips on how to maintain your favorite sleeping bag. 

A nice sleeping bag is an investment in comfort and warmth. While they are not cheap you can do some things to make sure the next time you lay down, it's comfy, warm and functional. 

Why should you store your sleeping bag properly

One, it's probably an expensive bag. Down or synthetic quality bags cost money and as a cheap dirtbag, I like to keep them nice. 

You can easily leave a damp sleeping bag in a tight stuff sack and mold your outdoor bed. No one needs this. So storing and maintaining your sleeping bag should be a part of your unpacking routine. 

While having a highly compressed stuff sack is amazing for backpacking, making sure to unpack and store it properly will help it maintain its qualities. Things like loft, moisture content and greasy personal filth. Gross, I know. 

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How to Store a New sleeping bag

You just spent over $100 or maybe even $300 on a new sleeping bag and are waiting for your first trip. Well, what do you do with it in the mean time?

New bags generally come with a large bag to contain it and this is where it should live inside. Compression sacks will eventually compress the loft and make the bag less effective in cold weather. 

Leave the bag in this large stuff sack or use a tote to let it stay fluffed and less smushed. No one wants a limp sleeping bag. 

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Where to Store your sleeping bag

If you can, find a cool dry place away from moisture. The insulation holds onto liquid easily and can go as rancid as a musty load of laundry. Think of the most temperature and humidity regulated place you can find and put it something that can breathe. A tote with no lid or the mesh style bag it came in originally when you got your bag.

I personally store mine in the large mesh bag under my bed but if you have other temp and humidity regulated storage use that. 

After camping sleeping bag care

Once you get home from an epic adventure you should start unpacking and drying all of your camping gear. This will help maintain the lifespan of your gear that you paid for. 

How to store your sleeping bag

  • Unpack the sleeping bag from the stuff sack
  • Let it air dry
  • Give it a fluff by hand
  • Store in a breathable bag or tote
  • Put in cool dry place

Compression Stuff Sacks For sleeping bags

Compression stuff sacks are the way to go when backpacking or even car camping for travel. However, leaving your bag in the compressed mode for too long will cause it to loose it's loft.

This is why it is so important to pack it last and unpack it first. If not you're losing heat and eventually probably losing money for a new bag. 

Once again get it out, fluff it up and store it properly to maintain your nighttime comfort.

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Long-term Storage of Sleeping bags

If you plan on leaving your bag for the winter I would definitely recommend washing it properly before storage. If not, you'll have even more funk from last year's adventures.

Click the link above for information on how to properly care for that expensive yet lovely, warm sleeping bag. 

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