July 17


10 Non-Essential Pieces of Camping Gear

By Michael Bryant

July 17, 2021

Everyone loves to talk about the 10 essentials for survival and camping. But what about the fun stuff you don't need because you're not on Naked and Afraid? Well here are some of my favorite non-essential camping items I always bring. This is no survival contest, it's a fun weekend with friends.

So grab some of these items to make your weekend trip more fun and comfy. It's the middle of summer and time to get a good sunburn and stomp around barefoot. Learn a new game, explore a new spot and breathe some fresh air. If you have any suggestions on more non-essential camping gear, let us know.  

There's hundreds of other borderline worthless pieces of fun gear out there to check out. Not everything needs to be packed up to stay alive. It's 2021 and we have the luxury of enjoying the outdoors as comfortably as we'd like. If you like to rough it, I commend you. I have done my fair share of sleeping in the dirt and eating canned chili days in a row. Drinking luke warm beer and cooking meat that's been sitting in warm cooler water. 

However, if you have the means and the ambition, you can elevate your camping experience and create your own little vacation resort. I had to change to this model when I had lady friends come camping with me. They taught me a bit about how to elevate my camper status from full dirtbag to semi-civilized outdoorsman. Don't worry though, the dirtbag is still alive and well within me, just a bit more refined. 

Whether it's playing group games or making craft cocktails, there are plenty of unnecessary ways to make you camp life more cushy. I do still enjoy a beermosa though. Want the recipe? It even comes with a mental puzzle to solve. 

1 Part Mickey's Malt Beer + 1 Splash of Orange Juice = Breakfast

Puzzle on the inside in the Mickey's cap. Easier solved after a few beermosas. 

You can find almost all of these pieces of non-essential camping gear at REI. A great company, support by clicking over there>

Michael Bryant

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After a lifetime spent in the outdoors and 10 years in the outdoor sports industry, I figured out what I'm best at. Finding great mentors to show me the ropes. Without the Lifers that taught me all I know, I wouldn't be where I'm at, which is... "pretty solid" at most adventures outside.

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